Add me to Search: Latest rollout Feature from Google India

Add me to Search: Latest rollout Feature from Google India

The latest feature from Google India has been rolled out by the name of People cards. The feature enables you to create a virtual visiting card, making it easier for people to find you online.

When the user goes on to create their card, the interface gives the option to add their details from the existing website to social media handle and email, phone number too if you wish to add. Whatever info you add, it will go public and will be part of your card.

The feature will be most helpful for influencers, freelancers, business people, or simply anyone looking for employment. It’s a means to put your identity out there for people to discover. Anyone in India can create their own People card and also see discover other people’s info the same way on their smartphone. For now, the People card can only be viewed via Google Search on smartphones and not available on the web.

People cards are only available in ENGLISH language for now with more languages expected to be introduced over time.

Follow the steps to add yourself to Google search: "Add Me To Google Search"

  • The first step is to sign in to your Google Account if you already don’t.
  • Search for your name, or type in “add me to Search” on Google.
  • A prompt will appear on top that asks to add you to Google search, click on that.
  • The system will ask you to provide your phone number for verification. Enter the six-digit code to continue.
  • To create your unique people card, one can choose to include the image from their respective Google account, add a brief description of themselves, links to their website or social profiles, and, in case they wish, the option to even add a phone number or email address is also available.
  • Once you’ve entered all the information, click on Save. You can then choose to view your own People Card.

This feature is added specially for India because people here have an affinity to search themselves on Google. The feature was in the development phase from a couple of years now and created keeping India in mind.

Add me to search - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I create my people card if I’m not located in India?
Officially this feature is dedicated to people in India only but some users on Twitter have claimed to have been able to create their own using a VPN.
If two or more people with the same name have a card, then what?
For such prevalent cases, Google will display multiple cards. They will be distinguished from each other based on the information provided.
Are these cards secured?
The feature has just been rolled out, but it was in testing from a while now. Google has taken some critical steps to ensure they don’t leave some silly loopholes. To make sure people don’t create a fake card, It is mandatory to authenticate your phone number, and only one card is permissible per Google account. If you feel some card is fake, you can report that to Google.
Can I delete the card once created?
Yes, Google gives you an option to delete or update your Google Card, whenever you wish to.




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