All you need to know about Meme Marketing

All you need to know about Meme Marketing

What is Meme Marketing?

Humour has always been relevant in our society and since the industrial revolution, it has given fame to people. The current age of social media has started using images and text in a humorous way to create memes. Memes are part of everyone’s social media feed and they have a huge role behind the success of social sites and online communities. People tend to spend more hours on social sites because just by scrolling on the feed, they’re getting entertained through memes.

Memes: A means to boost engagement
The fact that memes are filled with humour, it’s shared heavily across social media. Memes are the most engaging content out there and corporates love traffic. Digital marketers have started using these humorous pieces for marketing purposes. They make a meme around their product and it gets way better reach than a boring advertisement. With people dragging in the whirlpool of memes, brands get some of it, and that some is more than they can achieve by any other means. People usually share relatable content with people around them and this is what brands have been looking to do since ages.

A ton of exposure of the brand’s name and what did it cost? A person that can create these humorous pieces around the product or brand. Memes are by far the cheapest way for a brand to put its name out there. People will automatically share it and if you’re lucky, it can get viral. A recent example is what Cred did with their advertisement. They created a humorous advert with Rahul Dravid and it has been shared heavily across social media. So many brands have used that piece to make memes and in return, it’s Cred that gets recognition. What Magicpin did with the spoof of Cred’s advertisement is even better. Magicpin just made a humorous clip mocking cred and people love it. Magicpin has received tons of new users to their platform after this incident. In social media communities, magicpin used the hype that cred created and marketed themselves like a champ.

Media coverage of Viral memes
When some marketing campaign gets viral, they attract the eyes of bloggers and media houses as well. They cover the story and publish it on their platform that already has millions of daily visitors. Along with exposure for the brand, this also earns you backlinks from a site with high DA. For the sake of example, take our agency’s viral meme coverage on news sites. Our meme on Holi was shared by Kartik Aryan on his Instagram and got coverage from media houses like Republic world, times of India, dailyhunt etc.

Why choose SocialKraft for meme marketing?
Socialkraft is a leading digital marketing agency based in Jaipur with experience of working with many big brands both domestic and international. If you visit our Instagram page, you’ll find humorous content and we have good experience of marketing through memes. Our social media campaigns have received coverage from national media houses and shared by celebrities. Memes are the best way to connect and reach millennials and socialkraft is an expert at doing such campaigns.

Meme Marketing is the most affordable means for brands to market their products with results better than any other strategy out there. Meme marketing becomes more relevant if your target audience is millennials. Millennials dive into the whirlpool of memes every time they open their social media and spend hours scrolling through their feed. The best way to reach their feed is to become a part of that whirlpool and wait for the magic to happen. The audience engages and shares the content resulting in exposure for your brand. If it gets viral, media houses give you coverage, resulting in more leads. Hire an agency to handle your marketing campaign on social media and enjoy the leads that you get. SocialKraft is an expert at doing such campaigns. You can contact us if you’re looking for an agency to do meme marketing for your brand.




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