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Aura Salon

Branding / Art Direction / Front End

Brand Brand Brand.

Aura Salon has a story, its own unique story... They trusted us to make it exist visually by means of an extensive rebranding project.

The goal is to create a more elegant design and Identify the most fashionable salon addresses at a glance and provide a trendy look and feel, with the aim of seducing beauty. So we imagined and designed an elegant and exclusive design for their site.

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More than just a website.

We first had to rewrite the story. To tell it visually. To this end, we first researched and created our first mood board based on Aura Salon's 6 personality traits: Beauty, style, reliable, accessible, playful and caring. Building on this foundation, we identified the graphic, iconographic and chromatic universe, and we were able to create a strong, modern identity while remaining accessible to the general public. The conversion was also an essential line of work during the UX phases and in the creation of wireframes. As such, we delivered the following: a brand book, logo, illustrations, animations, website (UX, UI, Frontend), photographs, videos, print design.

Design & Development

Branding, Marketing


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Fonts that are bursting with character.




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UX with a view to promoting a strong identity.

Aura Salon's new identity creates emotion and a sense of belonging, however, it was essential that we design the site while bearing in mind that we are working within an online salon logic. This is why we worked rigorously within a 100% grid, ascribing importance to negative spaces, alignments... so that the many features are readable, clear and readily understandable. Each section of the site links together and is punctuated with reassuring components, while at the same time being careful not to "full" the site, and being sure to make the reading experience dynamic, with a slightly structured layout.

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A site that's accessible from any device.

Mobile responsive design is clearly essential to a site for professionals. That's why we have prioritized our editorial content and calls to action with the goal of conversion.

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Social Media Creative

We also had the pleasure of doing there social media marketing for facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. We have also covered there corporate identity and local promotion on google as well.

Aura Salon
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