Determinism and the Meaning of Life

The principle of determinism is that as a consequence of the interaction of previously existent casualties, the present unfolds as their effect. In other words, the present is always the sum of the past and the future the unfolding sum of the present. Determinism can thus be used to reduce human existence into its smallest parts, particles that produce atoms, thus removing the boundary that has separated the existence of life from the reality it is founded on. Determinism has also created centuries of debate over the issue does the free will exist, but further in this article, we will observe the concept of the meaning of life in the deterministic terms, united with evolution and why universe as an independent object removes with its cold eloquence the existence of the meaning of life, although becoming later able to generate it.

We can produce with our minds a giant leap where as an effect of the big bang, life exists in its contemporary form. Perhaps there will one day be an artificial intelligence that can count the entire causal history that lead to the emergence of earth and can explain in the scope of atoms how life eventually became existent and led through a natural path to its own existence, and be able from there prophesize the entire future that will take place, including the influence how knowledge of the future will causally shape the emerging future. But without such AI, even the most brilliant scientist would only be able to give at most crude representations from here and there, and laws that have been present during these events. For the conscious mind of a human, the complexity of his body is unknown to him, he cannot observe all the neurons that actively produce the representation of the environment, he does not understand everything that can be understood, but observes small fragments here and there in the semantic content given to it. And in this narrow vision, he expects to be able to comprehend, by externally observing the internal events of his being in the neurological level that he does or does not have a free will.

By stating that behind every consequence there is a cause, he assumes that it is therefore evident that limited free will cannot exist in the bounds of his humanness, and states that willfulness cannot be a part of a cosmos that is dictated by the laws of cause and effect. Life indeed has no underlying meaning for existence, for life is only an effect, belonging to the natural properties of the cosmos. For cosmos, the existence of life on Earth carries no meaning, as cosmos itself is not perceived as a living entity, but by stating such a claim, we must state life does not exist, for in order to cosmos not be alive, there cannot be life that originates from the cosmos itself. But it is evident that because we are alive, the cosmos has evolved on Earth to the level of this sophisticated form of consciousness we ourselves are. To state otherwise, we would have to separate ourselves from the cosmos, and thus from the matter and energy we are composed of. It would be a reductive step back to state that willfulness cannot exist in a level where consciousness exists. It would also be a reductive step back to state that meaning cannot exist in the level of consciousness, although we know from our experience that there is nothing in the representational realm that does not have content.

Instead we are able to project meanings to our own lives, to our actions, live in the experience the body produces constantly, giving directions to where that stream of experience is headed, and make the given meanings manifest in us. And we are able shape in the realm that we exist in the content to be in accordance of our own nature, shape it to be in correlation with our own image, for in the bounds of human consciousness exists the realm of possibility to create realities and the ability to share them to be lived by others who too have their time of being.

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