Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Want to know what the real digital marketing trends for 2020 are? Well, David Scarpitta from Get Found Marketing will hit the details on what you really need to do this year.

Some of the topics discussed on what you should be doing digitally this year are that can grow your business will be the following:

– A Good Strong Cup of Coffee

– Understanding that “Just Posting on Social Media” Isn’t Going to do the job

– Doing Video to Enhance Your Brand & Message

– Going Deeper Down Into Doing Video Marketing With Less Budget

– Understanding that “No One Platform” will Help You (The Trend is not to put all the marketing in one basket)

– Pinterest Marketing

– Content Creation & Content Networks

– Creating The Right Plan of Marketing Action

– Finding the Right Influencer Marketing (You can see a video we touch on this here:

– Creating a Real World Experience To Tie Into Your Digital Marketing Plan (Experiential Marketing)

– Pay Per Click or (CPC) AKA Paid Marketing

– ADA Website Compliance & Testing

As we discuss these specific digital marketing trends for 2020 and beyond, make sure to followup with us on the other platforms that will offer you the tools and knowledge to help you this upcoming year!

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