Digital Marketing Webinar (What To Focus On In 2020)

Digital Marketing Webinar (What To Focus On In 2020)

Ignite Visibility recently did a webinar on digital marketing in 2020. In the webinar, John Lincoln, Alan Bush, Eythor Westman and Dustin Baly cover SEO, paid media, email marketing and more. Watch this webinar now to have the perfect digital marketing campaign in 2020.

When it comes to SEO in 2020, we are seeing a big shift in intent. This digital marketing webinar covers Bert and EAT.

In addition, it covers all the new innovations in email marketing. We are seeing now there is integration between email, text and push notifications.

On the paid media and social media side, we discuss how social media and paid media are merging together.

Do you have questions about the 202 digital marketing webinar? Leave them below!

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