Employer Branding 101 – The Three Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Employer Brand

Employer Branding 101 – The Three Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Employer Brand

The Three Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Employer Brand

In developing and nurturing your employer brand, no mater if you a large or small company, here are 3 of the biggest mistakes that many businesses make that mean that they find it harder to attract and retain the talent they need to deliver their business strategy.

Do you make any of these mistakes?

1. No employment branding strategy integrated into the business strategy

Building a strong employer brand is not the role of one person alone. Nor should it be considered as the latest attempt to win the war for talent.

Your employer branding strategy needs to be an integral part of your organization and people strategy, which in turn needs to be part of your business strategy.

This will ensure that your executive team will have line of sight to your employer branding strategy and by selecting key metrics you can ensure that you whole leadership community is aligned to supporting the delivery of a magnetic employment brand.

2. Using hear-say not research to build your employment branding strategy

You already have an employment brand, but are you aware how the various stakeholders of your business perceive your employment brand?

It’s not sufficient to rely on hear-say. By segmenting your community of employees and external stakeholders and conducting research, you can access important information about the strengths of your brand and actions you need to take to attract and retain high quality talent.

3. No clear defined target market of candidates you are trying to attract

Building a strong employer brand is different to being recognised as a great employer. Those companies who are clear about the talent they are trying to attract and who understand the aspirations and motivations of those communities of potential employees will be more successful in building a magnetic employer brand.

It is also critical to be able to identify people who will want to work in your organisation – with your specific values, culture and ways of working rather than attracting people based on salary and benefits alone.


Review your employer brand plan against these three common mistakes.

If you find you are making these errors, it’s time for you to take a step back from your day to day activities and spend some time reviewing the critical steps you can take to strengthen your employer brand.


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