Final Expense Leads – Which Are the Best?

Final Expense Leads – Which Are the Best?

I speak with insurance agents in the Final Expense market all the time and a common question is “Where can I get quality final expense leads”? Well, first you have to decide what kind of lead you are looking for, because there are several different ways of developing leads. The first type and most widely used lead is called Direct Mail responder leads. The second most widely used is telemarketed leads. Third is internet leads and lastly referrals.

Direct Mail Responder Leads

Direct Mail Responder leads have been widely used in the final expense market for a very long time and the people who buy final expense market receive these mail cards on a regular basis. Every agent and his brother mail these cards to this market and saturate it every day. With the average direct mail response rate being about 1 1/2 percent it makes it difficult to get a good return on your money. Let’s do the math. Let’s say you spend $ 350 per 1,000 pieces of direct mail sent out, that means at a 1 1/2 percent response rate, you will get approximately 15 responder leads back. That means you are spending at a minimum of $ 23 per lead.

Telemarketed Leads

Telemarketed leads have also been around for a long time. However because of the do not call list and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or “TCPA”, it is more difficult and more expensive than ever to get these types of leads. By the way, beware of leads developed using automated dialers with a prerecorded message. Read the TCPA (47 USC Sec 227), nowhere does it talk about the caller pressing 1 to opting making it legal. Then you have companies out there using call centers located in India. A total waist of money. These leads can cost anywhere from $ 15 each to $ 35 each, none the less very expensive.

Internet Leads

First of all, I have been working the final expense market for a long time and I can count on one hand the amount of individuals I have come across in this market that have internet access let alone own a computer. Even if these leads were prevalent, they get sold to a handful of agents at the same time. Not only do you have to call to see if the prospect is interested in buying your product, you have to race to the prospect to beat the other agents there. Although these leads can be the cheapest upfront, they end up being the most expensive.


Referrals are always the best type of lead that you can ever get. There is nothing better than Mrs. Jones referring you to her sister or best friend. Referrals produce the most sales and the best thing is that they are FREE! Here is the problem though, how do you get Mrs. Jones to give you a referral. Most people do not give referrals because there is nothing in it for them. Mrs. Jones will give you many excuses for not giving you a referral. The trick is showing Mrs. Jones how it will benefit her to give you referrals. I am not talking about rebating! You should never do anything to jeopardize your credibility or your insurance license. I use one specific way of getting Mrs. Jones to open her address book.

I offer a FREE REPORT that explains everything if you are interested.


I does not matter which leads are the best. The only thing that matters is that if you are paying for leads, you are paying too much!

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