Five Ways to Teach Your Kids About Sales and Marketing

Five Ways to Teach Your Kids About Sales and Marketing

Have some fun and give your kids some practical skills long before they enter the real world by teaching them about sales and marketing. Kids can pick up on sales and marketing basics just by tagging along with Mom and Dad. They watch you buy items at stores, and they see commercials on TV and billboards around town. So, most kids probably have familiarity with these concepts––even at a young age. Build on this sales and marketing knowledge even more with games, activities, and lessons that teach kids how to sell and market like a pro.

Give these five strategies a try when you’re trying to teach your kids about sales and marketing.

1. Use Pretend Play

Pretend play requires plenty of creativity and inspires the imagination, which allows your kids to learn about a variety of concepts. Make sales and marketing fun by helping your kids set up their very own store or restaurant from the comfort of home. Kids can set up a sales rack featuring their favorite toys, price them, and market them to the rest of the family. They’ll have fun checking out your purchases with a toy cash register.

Or, let them design a menu for their restaurant, allowing them to choose the menu design and food selections. Give older kids control over the food selections, and encourage them to use their most persuasive and descriptive language on the menu. Then, they can prepare and serve play food meals and collect the check at the end of the meal. These pretend play experiences give kids a glimpse into how businesses work.

2. Set Up a Lemonade Stand

Once your kids have some experience with pretend sales and marketing, they’ll be ready to become little entrepreneurs. A lemonade stand is an effective way to learn introductory sales and marketing techniques. Encourage your kids to make signs that market their product. Tell them how to set the price per cup so that it attracts customers. Equip them with some spare change and a money box so that they can manage their profits and give customers correct change. This sidewalk business won’t just be fun––it’ll teach them some tricks of the trade, too.

3. Participate in a Fundraiser

Fundraisers are another mechanism that introduces kids to sales and marketing. If your child is in a scouts organization, for example, they might have the opportunity to sell cookies, popcorn, and other treats. Whether they’re selling to neighbors or stationed in a booth in a public space, your kids can learn how to market their product. They can make signs or develop a pitch about why potential customers should invest in their product. They will learn how to engage in customers, highlight the benefits of their product, and close the sale. Plus, these fundraisers support a good cause like their school or organization, making it even more beneficial.

4. Go Shopping

Everyday experiences can teach your kids about sales and marketing, too. A trip to the store exposes your kids to real-world sales and marketing strategies, which you can point out. Keep kids occupied when you’re at the store and have them point out their favorite packaging in every aisle. Ask them what draws them to the packaging, and talk to them about how it can be an effective marketing technique for the business. This exercise will get your kids thinking about marketing and how signs, packaging, and sales can attract customers to certain products.

5. Build Their Money Skills

Teach kids about money early in life, which builds foundational skills for a career in sales and marketing. Plus, financial literacy benefits them in their personal financial life as well. Preschoolers and early elementary schoolers can learn to identify, add, and sort coins and bills. As kids get older, give them an allowance and encourage them to manage their earnings wisely. If they start earning money through a job like babysitting or dog walking when they’re teens, teach kids how to make smart financial decisions, which makes them financially literate for adulthood. 

Whether you want to raise a future entrepreneur or simply want to give your kids insight into real-world topics, teaching your kids about sales and marketing has many benefits. Incorporate sales, marketing, and finance lessons into everyday play to launch this learning early in life.

Author Bio: Cristin Howard runs Smart Parent Advice, a site that provides parenting advice for moms and dads. Cristin writes about all of the different ups and downs of parenting, provides solutions to common challenges, and reviews products that parents need to purchase.




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