Forex Megadroid – Are the Neural Network Capabilities of the Forex Megadroid Sufficient?

Some of the characteristics that one looks for in a robot for forex trading are its built-in artificial intelligence, and how its user interface is designed. A good system must have a good user interface, but a strong artificial intelligence. By artificial intelligence when referring forex trading, we are interested in a system that has a mechanism of doing market predictions by performing its own calculations based on the market data available and drawing its own conclusions from the calculations. On top of being able to do the calculations as well it must also have a certain level of accuracy because one expects that once he automates his forex trading then the machine will operate with a considerable autonomy and that means that it must be able to guarantee a certain level of accuracy.

The forex megadroid has been reputed to have an accuracy of 94 per cent which is a fair figure because I believe an automated system worth the paper it is written on must at least have an accuracy that is in fact much higher than that. An accuracy much lesser than that will simply mean that the human intervention during operation will be so high that having an automated system will defeat logic. The Forex megadroid as a trading system was designed by two forex traders who had been in the business for quite sometime and their objective was to cover some shortfalls that they had experienced from their 42 years of experience.However, since the forex megadroid made its debut in to the automated forex trading market many more robots have come to the market as well. These include the Ivybot and FAP turbo. The robot is equipped with the reverse correlated time and price analysis technology (RCPTA), which is the system responsible for the predictions.

There is also the past market blueprints that the megadroid relies on to make its mathematical inferences about the market dynamics. That means that the robot is able to look in to the past from where it will derive the relevant statistics regarding past transactions and from these come up with the relevant information. It is however up to the user to also make his own evaluations from what the robot provides because at the end of the day the human estimation may be the best given that decision making is not a matter of calculations alone.

However, the megadroid has its own limitations given that for now it can only trade in the dollars or the Euros but it also has the advantage of being a low capital venture because with $1 you are ready to go online and that means low risk for the user. Of course, there is the additional claims that this artificial intelligence will see to it that you triple your money within a short time but these may be unreliable forecasts because it is hard to authenticate such claims. However, even if tripling of money is hard to verify what is certain is that the artificial intelligence must be capable of adding value to your forex trading system.

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