How Fast is a Courier Able to Deliver My Package?

How Fast is a Courier Able to Deliver My Package?

When you’re starting in business, you need to get realistic expectations about how long it is going to take for courier to make your deliveries. What you need to realize is that your Chicago courier service is usually going to be able to offer your company service delivery speeds that vary based on how much you are willing to pay for the shipment. This is common among all courier companies, and means that your company often has questions to weight about how much to spend for shipping that is faster, or if you should offer the option to customers and clients to increase their shipping speeds by paying for faster transport .

Knowing that you have the flexibility to get deliveries made as fast as you need to can be comforting. Even though it may cost you more money, being able to come through for a client in a time of need can build you the kind of reputation that can support a business for years to come. That is why it is always good to do business with couriers that do have those faster shipping options available.

Typically, courier service comes in several different levels. Regular economy service is when the courier comes to pick up your order sometime after your request shipment, and combine it with many other deliveries to be made when it is most time effective for them.

The next faster options tend to be next or same day shipping. This usually means that you can get your shipment made anywhere in the country or even the continent, within the next 48 or 24 hours based on the shipping option that you choose. As same day shipping usually uses air travel in at least one of its legs if shipping a long distance, this option can show you a significant price jump.

If you’re only shipping within the city that you do business in, your options for speed of shipping are going to increase significantly. Same day service within a single city is not a stretch at all, because air travel is not going to be required, but you can usually ship even faster than that. Express courier services often have 2 or 1 hour delivery options when shipping within a single metropolitan area. The fastest service you can get is usually what is called a rush service. This means the courier comes straight to you, and makes the delivery straight after.

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