How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) 2020 – Digital Marketing Tutorial for Beginners

How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) 2020 – Digital Marketing Tutorial for Beginners

💻How one can Begin a Social Media Advertising and marketing Company (SMMA) in 2020! A Digital Advertising and marketing Tutorial for Newbies.

On this video, you’ll study step-by-step learn how to begin social media advertising as a newbie in 2020. I’m fed up of digital advertising ‘guru’s holding again all of their ‘secrets and techniques’ – this no fluff coaching will educate you every little thing it’s essential get began making a digital advertising company in the present day.

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☆ Time Stamps ☆
In case you’re questioning what social media advertising is then this video is not going to solely inform you that however all this as effectively:

00:00 – Intro to Social Media Advertising and marketing
01:10 – FREE Competitors
02:30 – What’s Social Media Advertising and marketing?
03:33 – Often Requested SMMA Questions
05:41 – three Key Phases of Success
06:55 – How one can Get Purchasers For Your SMMA
09:25 – Shopper Prospecting and Lead Technology
12:00 – How one can Shut SMMA Purchasers
14:35 – How one can Shut Conferences SMMA
25:16 – How one can Get Outcomes for Your Purchasers
25:36 – Digital Advertising and marketing Promoting Platforms
26:48 – Understanding The Prospects Journey (Funnel)
29:06 – Understanding Worth Pyramids and Worth Ladders
31:29 – Creating Facebooks Adverts for Newbies
33:37 – Digital Advertising and marketing Traits for 2020
35:54 – Superior Coaching – Prosperous Academy Introduction
37:28 – The Prosperous Company Award
38:18 – Prosperous Company Award Winners (Testimonials)
40:53 – Your First or Subsequent Shopper, Assured!
42:35 – FREE Superior SMMA Coaching

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  2. 2020 goals
    Learn digital marketing
    Learn programing
    Get a job as a freelancer
    Earn money
    Pay for college

  3. Goals for 2020:
    Start my own social media marketing agency, successful enough to quit my day job.
    – Buy a car and laptop
    – Move into my own place

  4. 2020 goals
    start my SMMA …- take it to 4/5 figures per month …- live without having to work for someone else …- enjoy my work instead of being a slave to it

  5. Goal for 2020:
    Start a profitable digital marketing business.

  6. Goals 2020
    I want to be digital marketer
    I want to earn more this year

  7. The goal is to start passive income from ads and affiliate

  8. Goals for 2020: 1)Come out of coronavirus as an established SMMA ready for clients 2) Earn more than my head-teacher 3) Drop out of school. 4) Read 25 books.

  9. 2020 Goals:
    1.) Financial Freedom, 10k+/month
    2.) Time freedom to properly homeschool my kids
    3.) Master several platforms
    4.) Market only companies I believe in
    5.) Clear all self limiting beliefs

    Thank you, Jordan for all that you do <3

  10. My goal for 2020 is to close at least one client

  11. 2020 Goals:
    1. Build my Agency to a $10k per month agency.

    2. Become financially free.

    3. Two new streams of income.

  12. 2020 goals:
    have enough clients to sustain $5000 profit a month
    build up enough to have 3 months of bills saved
    quit my full time job and do full time digital marketing
    Continue to grow business so I can enjoy the life I have now I stead of when I’m to old to enjoy it

  13. i want to buy a house then start my own business

  14. Good work man!

  15. Goals for 2020
    good source of income
    – open up a smma agency
    – buy my first car

  16. not seen the video, but how did you get the video to split in to relevant area you are talking about, at 2:35 minutes ish it tells me "What is social media".
    Would love to know as its mad.

  17. 1:18 I'm listening to you at x1.75 :)) check that out

  18. Goals 2020
    Become Financial stable
    To have my own house and own business
    For my daughter, because i don't have parents already.

  19. Is the contest still going on? Your videos are great, I'd love a strategy session!

  20. Goals for 2020 :
    Coronovirus: ha ha,good luck buddy

  21. Just thank you for this video.

  22. My goal for 2020: Start my own food business, and travel abroad

  23. Hello, first off love the content you make! My 2020 goals, are to start a digital marketing agency, I want to expand my knowledge on which ads services I use to market through, and finish my website and Facebook page. I’d like to focus on getting a few clients for now and then eventually growing my business even more

  24. Hi Jordan, enjoyed the video man, really appreciate the amount of value you've given here. I've come across this type of business a few times before but I've never been able to find the answer to one question I have that is; How do you track the customers that have come through your agency i.e. if I created a Facebook advert or marketing post and Mr. X see's that post and subsequently visits the restaurant, how can I prove to the business owner (client) that that custom has come about through me?

  25. Goals for 2020:
    -Complete my computer science degree
    -I want to launch my social media agency
    -I want to launch a software company
    -I want to earn 10,000$ per month
    -Join Gym
    -learn piano

  26. amazing video. i have been tryin to teach myself this dm thing from last few moths. but this is
    th best of all. i would love if icould get your reward

  27. 2020 goals:
    -Be able to pay my green fees (what you pay to play golf)
    -Help as many people as I can
    -run my own business

  28. – I wanna build and grow an SMMA
    – I wanna be able to pay for my own place

    – I wanna make money
    – I want to be stable financially
    – I wanna fund my own vacation

  29. Goals for 2020

    – I want to start my own business
    – I want to get my name out there
    – I want to edit videos and photos for clients
    – I want to make a steady income $$$

  30. White balance next time bro…. thanks for the info

  31. Hie my goals for 2020
    have my own house
    and become financially free

  32. Goal this 2020
    I'm a Digital Marketing consultant in big company here in the Philippines. All i want to learn more about social marketing of SMMA or what is the technique for social marketing tragedies, because i want more clients to close the deals I offer. So this is the steps and very helpful planning for being a top 1 or greatest achiever for being a Digital Marketing or Social Marketing. Because REAL ESTATE is the biggest business that I've ever known.

    Thank you I've learn a lot!!

  33. Not sure if this contest is still active but wanted to share anyway. My goals were to just build a vision for my goal of launching my Social Media Management business. Thanks to the flip of reality that is COVID19 I had the time and resources to not only plan it out but actually launch and have 2 active clients and 2 more in the works. Feeling awesome.

  34. My goal for 2020
    -Is to become a digital marketer
    -To become a recognized Manager in Forever Living Company

  35. salut,
    j ai découvert trés récemment un guide video qui m'a permis d'accroitre rapidement mes résultats dans le référencement de mon site web . ce guide est 100% offert en plus d'etre trés explicite si tu aimerais également en profiter ,je t'invite a me laisser un message sur cette adresse :

  36. My goals 2020

    1 I want to be financially independent
    2 I want to work for myself
    3 I want to make my own schedule
    4 I want to help my family

  37. Thanks for the videos Jordan..really helpful 🙂
    Goals: create an agency that would consequently merge with my hobby 🙂
    Have the freedom to travel so I can be involved on side projects.

  38. My goal for 2020:
    Start my own SMMA agency. To give up my very demanding day job. To have some free time to dedicate to my family and give them a better future ❤️

  39. Hi Jordan, looking to get entered into the draw for an affluent academy course! Can’t afford the course atm cause of lockdown and want to launch my own agency when the lockdown is lifted! Watched all your Facebook insta and Snapchat stuff so would love a chance at learning your course!

  40. Pardon me dear Jorden but try to provide some usefull content in the video. People are investing their precious time here with a hope to get some practical knowledge. A lay man if plans to work on social media will get more fruitfull information by surfing wikipedia, wikihow etc. .
    In whole social media or internet, digital what so ever marketing, i hope a market legend like Jorden Platten will surely answer especially in this type of long video that how to target your specific audiance so that paid ads can generate results,

    So dear viewers consider my humble submission and surf for the answer plz, any other thing is secondary.

  41. Goals for 2020
    I want to reinvest 25% of my income from SMMA, to get a passive income over the years
    I want a revenue on 50.000 dollars
    I want to quit my current 8-5 job and focus on my own business
    I want to become a better version of myself
    I want to create a growth mindset to achieve big things

  42. Woow amazing value I watch all.
    Thanks for sharing👏👏

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