Positively Spin Any Story: How to Build Positive Communications in the Twenty-First Century

Positively Spin Any Story: How to Build Positive Communications in the Twenty-First Century

How to Build Positive Communications in the Twenty-First Century

Getting Media Attention: Buzz

You can take any simple story and make it shine like a new dime. But taking a negative story and turning it into something bright and shiny is challenging at best.

With so many resources to select from, the question is which one we should choose for our organization?

The Internet gives us so many options, it is confusing when selecting a series of communication tools to get the needed buzz for your organization. Measuring the results is also something that cannot be ignored. If the ROI measurements are not netting the results you need, then recalibrate your media plan as soon as possible.

Even if dealing with the most insignificant topic about your business, spin a positive story. It takes a committed, well-crafted and persuasive argument to get a story on Nightline, for example. People ask hourly for placement on that nightly news magazine. So what will you tell the producers of Nightline that will persuade them your story is newsworthy? Remember, every story is not newsworthy.

Corporate communications staffs have to restructure their media consortiums to accommodate the needs of stakeholders and counterparts. Deploying a full range of digital communication platforms today can effectively raise awareness, depending on how you administer it for the company. Using powerful communication strategies for internal and external media will let your merged strengths shine.

Building and Crafting Your Brand

Crafting your voice and the image of your brand are equally important in taking the reputation of your business from vision to reality. Communicating with outside constituents is a craft that can be learned by taking a realistic look at new media strategies for today. Meaning you have to marry all the elements of media to administer a comprehensive multimedia communication strategy. Crafting your message to adhere to corporate conversations is vital to delivering hi-tech communication tools.

Below are what industry leaders say about resources and assembling those tools to help you:

· Measure the attitudinal and behavioral impact of your public relations programs.

· Sell in public relations services to your clients or senior management.

· Communicate the roles, outcomes, and value of public relations.

· Create a better understanding and appreciation of what we do as a profession.

· Capture a greater share of your clients’ or organizations’ investments in marketing and communication services.

· Change entrenched attitudes and perceptions about the practice of public relations.

· Arm yourself with information on the latest industry research, trends, and techniques.

· Establish industry-specific evaluative benchmarks.

Below are essential elements of multimedia formats you can include in a communications plan:

  • Digital strategies
  • Social media
  • Blog pages, landing pages
  • Articles for marketing
  • Developing podcasts and/or webinars
  • PR and social responsibility
  • Message during a crisis scenario and how the message is perceived

Public relations is more vital than ever before, especially given the explosion of consumer engagement through new media and digital social media. The collapse of reputations and trust in major institutions are concerns of corporate CEOs. At the same time, the industry continues to suffer criticism at the hands of individuals who do not understand the practice and application of public relations in the twenty-first century. Let’s do something to change that mindset.

Source by Tracy T. Brittain



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