Replacing Teachers With Artificial Intelligence Would Save Our School Districts

Can we make larger classrooms with fewer teachers – and add artificial intelligent robots to help students to save money. Before you tell me to take a ‘flying leap’ and curse me for being ignorant of the need of human bonding in teaching – or call the teacher’s union in Chicago or Los Angeles on me, I’d like to take this conversation to a higher level, so let’s talk shall we?

You see, recently it was brought up at our think tank that AI could go a long way to solving the budget crisis at our school districts across America. We could have AI school management, robotic janitors, self-driving school buses and save lots of labor, health care costs and the legacy costs associated with all the teacher’s union employees. It’s a huge amount of money – and Artificial Intelligence is well on its way to being able to handle each of those job categories. Necessity will cause this to happen faster, and to teach more people we’ll need customized curriculum for each student.

Regarding replacing teachers with AI – I don’t think it will be long now before the costs cause a nation-wide crisis at all levels. Currently at the college level, we are in an Academic Bubble ready to burst with 40% of the 1.7 Trillion in Student Loan Debt 90-days or more in the rears, in technical default – Hillary says she wants to forgive some of that and allow free college for those families making less than $125K per year, this will mean everyone will go to college, tuition rates will rise (supply and demand) and the bubble will have an add-on effect.

The number of people who’ve stopped paying recently is said to be 15% just due to this political rhetoric of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential Election. The whole system could turn out like the Housing Bubble – it won’t be pretty.

Now then, the Khan Academy online and online courses will become more popular, merging with video game tech, AR, VR, Holographic Imagery – all this technology exists now.

Many teachers now are doing “reverse classroom” strategies where the student does their assignment at home via the Internet, then spends the time in class doing their home-work where the teacher is close by to answer questions or where the students are put into groups so the quicker learners tutor the slower learners, and it works good because you learn a lot when explaining something to someone else, so everyone wins and the students work together learning teamwork in solving problems.

Consider this, because I am not as crazy as you think – AI is coming soon, so don’t blink.

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Source by Lance Winslow




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