Should I Use Social Oomph Or Hootsuite For Automation?

Should I Use Social Oomph Or Hootsuite For Automation?

Some of the reasons people wonder about Social Oomph or Hootsuite

Both programs have been primarily been built to manage Twitter but Hootsuite will help manage your Facebook, LinkedIn and accounts and also has its own iPhone app. On the other hand Social Oomph helps manage Facebook, and has a Blackberry app you can download from the BlackBerry App World called Snaptu, which does look great. While Hootsuite and Social Oomph both have free versions, Social Oomph does have an upgradable option that is free for a short time and then its 29.97 a month which gives you many features and ability to automate like no other.

After some in depth comparisons of Social Oomph and Hootsuite I decided that the following features were the best to bring up on both programs: Social Oomph or Hootsuite will both do what you want them to manage your Twitter account and automate it for you.


a. Is currently Free

b. Beautiful Layout – lots of eye candy and the ability to make many adjustments

c. Twittsphere – this neat program allows you to track conversations based on key words you pick

d. Very easy to follow and or un follow people based on your interests, brands or groups

e. Grouping – allows you to group “like” people together i.e. family, friends, famous people, clubs or groups of people

f. Feeding your Blog – allows you to upload your blog updates automatically to Twitter

g. – this is a url reducer that allows a long url to be reduced – this helps since “tweets” can only be 140 characters compared to a standard text of 160 characters.

Social Oomph

A. Auto replies – you can set up an auto reply for people that follow you – great for building a network, you can also put in a link to your blog

B. Daily digest of replies – this allows you to save so much time – anyone that replied to you or your tweet can be found very quickly – just think of how much time it would take to go through a thousand emails looking for one –

C. Auto Follow or Un follow – this allows you to follow or un follow people automatically – this is a benefit since once you reach 2000 people you are following you cannot follow anymore until your followers are within 10 percent.

D. Vetting – this allows you to follow whoever you want manually

E. Grouping – just like Hootsuite you can group people together

F. Like Hootsuite you can reduce url’s on the mainpage – really easy to do

In conclusion of Social Oomph or Hootsuite

While both of these programs offer so many more options, my opinion is that these two programs complement each other. From Social Oomph’s awesome automation abilities to Hootsuite’s customization, tracking and user friendly features, they are both great programs.

So to answer your question of Social Oomph or Hootsuite I say both! I would suggest you check both programs out since they both have free options and while many people may like one specific feature, others may not.

Should I Use Social Oomph Or Hootsuite For Automation?


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