Why God Created This World?

Why God created this world? The query has not solely baffled the philosophers, non secular leaders, mystics, artists but in addition the scientists. Scientist too fails to clarify why and the way this universe was created. Why did the large bang occur? How was the universe earlier than massive bang? Whom to ask this query? An previous Hindi tune expresses this quest of man within the following phrases

Oh! Creator of the World,

What got here in your thoughts?

Why you created this world?

Why you created dwelling beings,

Lovely faces and beautiful faces,

Why you solely made pleasure of affection,

Then why you gave ache of separation?

Whereas we all know that this world is created by God or advanced from power however we discover no clarification of the explanations of its creation. Motive of creation is should because the information of trigger is important to foretell the impact. Until we all know the aim of creation, it’s tough to guide a life according to the will of God or the legal guidelines of nature. Einstein too desired to know the ideas of God as he stated, “I wish to know God’s ideas; the remainder are particulars.”

What Scriptures say about creation?

Scriptures don’t assist a lot in understanding this everlasting thriller. Bible merely says within the first chapter coping with Genesis that to start with God created the heaven and the earth. The earth was formless, empty and darkish and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. Thereafter God created mild, water, vegetation, day-night, stars, birds and animals. Lastly God created man in his personal picture and subsequently created ladies from a rib of man. The idea of creation in Islam is sort of much like that of Bible.

The Vedanta philosophy of Hinduism believes that the bodily world is nothing however the manifestation of God. Thus it believes that God will not be an exterior entity separate from the world, however it’s a part of Him. “All in God and God in all” is the best clarification of the idea of universe and God.

If God might be in contrast with the physique of an individual then the people might be in contrast with a cell of the physique. Similar to there are trillions of cells of thousands and thousands of kind, so are the various kinds of creations within the universe. But all of the various kinds of cells like that of pores and skin, bone, nail, blood, hair certainly originate from a single fertilized cell. It has been now confirmed by the success of cloning that each single cell of the physique can develop itself to the complete physique that’s similar to the guardian physique. Thus God is current in all dwelling beings and each being has the purpose and functionality to change into God by the ability of Karma and obtain salvation or union with God.

In Gita when Arjuna needed to see the imaginative and prescient of God, Lord Krishna says

O Arjun, behold My tons of and hundreds of multifarious divine types of completely different colours and shapes. Behold all of the celestial beings and plenty of wonders by no means seen earlier than. Additionally behold your complete creation-animate, inanimate, and no matter else you wish to see – all at one place in My physique. However you aren’t capable of see Me along with your bodily eye; due to this fact, I provide the divine eye to see My majestic energy and glory. (Gita, 11:5-11.08)

Thus there are broadly two kinds of theories in scriptures. One which sees God as an exterior being who created the world i.e. dualism and the opposite which treats the creation and God as one and identical factor or non-dualism. The non-differentiation of God and the creature is commonly termed as Advaita (Non-dualism) or Vedanta philosophy of Upanishads in Hinduism. But the non-dualistic philosophy is most tough to understand by the unusual individuals like the speculation of relativity of Einstein. Subsequently, in actuality, most Hindus imagine within the idea of a God who’s completely different from the person and who guides and directs the world. The truth is Hindus imagine not in a single God however in thousands and thousands of God who all have specialised capabilities to carry out. Although, it additionally agrees that each one gods as nothing however the manifestation of 1 Supreme Actuality. Additional all Gods of Hinduism are in human kind and therefore it agrees with Christianity that God created man in His personal picture.

All scriptures broadly agree that this world will not be the one world created by God. All of them give the idea of heaven or paradises the place the inhabitants are free from issues of this world which is taken into account to be the place of ache and distress the place persons are ship to be punished. Bible says that the person is punished because of the “authentic sin” dedicated by Adam. Hinduism says that this world is the karmabumi or the place of karma (motion) the place an individual can work and carry out in order that he can get salvation or freedom from this world. Buddhism too acknowledges that ache is inevitable on this world and the purpose of the person is to be relieved from the ache by the true information or enlightenment.

But if we have now any religion within the knowledge of God, then there must be a function within the design of the world and every particular person have to be born on this world for a function and a purpose. What might be that function of God and purpose of man?

Realizing God

All scriptures give the trace that the purpose of all human beings is to comprehend God or to be change into like God. The idea of God in each faith is to assist the person to find a perfect life to realize divinity. Christians are anticipated to observe the lifetime of Jesus Christ, Muslims should observe the lifetime of Prophet Mohammad and Hindus should change into like Rama and Krishna. Buddhists too wish to change into like Buddha. Thus all of the prophets and Gods of their human incarnation offered a perfect that man should observe in his life in order that he change into like God.

As soon as an individual turns into divine, he then deserves the place in heaven and get free from the bondage of earth. That is the actual purpose of all religions. All religions agree that man should get himself free from the worldly pursuits and change into non secular in order that he can enter into the dominion of God viz. heaven.

Although, the world is portrayed as evil and place of ache but only a few individuals discover the world so painful. The truth is most individuals love this world and its numerous creations and wish to stay ceaselessly on this world. Not often an individual want to die regardless of of the ache he faces on this world. The reason being that if there may be ache, there may be additionally pleasure on this world. How many individuals on this world are actually inquisitive about changing into non secular? Most individuals choose worldly issues to God as this well-known Hindi tune says,

If one aspect is you, my lover,

And the opposite aspect is God,

I’ll make an apology to God,

And maintain your hand

The Goal of the World

God has created this world very intelligently. Whereas he created the primary man and lady, he gave a few of His energy to his creation in order that they will create different beings. Thus all of the creations of man are fairly much like the creation of God. All establishments and system created by man has inspiration from God. The idea of justice, equality, love, affection is nothing however divine qualities current in man.

Since man is nothing however the picture of God, all their creation should have some resemblance with the establishments created by God. Thus the world has been perceived otherwise by completely different individuals. Shakespeare perceived the world as stage in “As You Like It”

All of the world’s a stage,

And all of the women and men merely gamers;

They’ve their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time performs many components,

His acts being seven ages.

Within the eyes of an artist, the world is nothing however drama the place each particular person is taking part in a personality. Nevertheless, this speculation is just partly true because the individuals on this world are given free will by God to assume and act. Therefore persons are not performing however dealing with the actual world with actual forces of ache and pleasure. This world appears extra like a college the place the issues of the check, although created artificially to check the information, are very actual for the coed.

The World as a Faculty

The idea of the trendy world is unattainable to think about with out the idea of faculty. Each human being will get admitted to a faculty at a young age and realized the information of the world from his academics. He has to move examination carried out by the colleges which check the worldly information of the particular person. As soon as an individual acquires the worldly information, he turns into match to enter right into a occupation and contribute within the materials development of the world.

Whereas in class, each particular person has to bear many exams or artificially designed questions or conditions and he should discover a solution to those issues. As soon as he is ready to remedy the simple and synthetic downside, he steadily develops the flexibility to know and remedy the complicated issues of life.

All scriptures agree that finally the purpose of the person is to realize salvation which might be achieved solely by changing into divine. The trail of divinity is the trail of prophets and avatars who had acquired the divine information and have become non secular. The purpose of each particular person is to change into non secular and discard the worldly pleasure. The world is designed in a manner that it all the time tempts the particular person to the worldly pursuits. In Indian philosophy, it’s also referred to as maya or phantasm. The forces of the world are so robust that it’s nearly unattainable for many man to resists its attraction. Thus a person is repeatedly examined in his life within the college referred to as the world. Solely when he turns into non secular, he is aware of the actual happiness and the information of God.

Thus the world will not be created and not using a function; It exams whether or not you take heed to the message of the physique or that of the soul. All of us begin from the physique and transfer to the soul. One who ignores the message from the soul and pay attention solely to the physique, is made to really feel ache and miserly by the soul to deliver the particular person to the proper path. Soul is the reason for all happiness and no happiness is feasible with out the enjoyment of the soul. God like a superb examiner doesn’t present the proper solutions to you however solely drops hints to you which ones allow you to study the teachings your self.

Thus the character which is the bodily manifestation of the world is sort of a ebook which have to be used to coach the soul in order that man can change into non secular. Within the phrases of Swami Vivekananda,

The very cause for the character’s existence is for the training of soul; it has no different which means; it’s there as a result of the soul should have information, and thru information free itself. If we keep in mind this all the time, we will by no means be connected to nature; we will know that nature is a ebook which we’re to learn; and that when we have now gained the required information, the ebook is of no worth to us.

The individuals who can perceive this message steadily perceive their soul and distance themselves from the world and worldly pursuits. By understanding the voice of soul, one additionally develops the potential to know the language of God and change into the massager of God on this world. These persons are referred to as by the world as non secular, Avatars or Prophets. One, who has change into actually non secular, achieves divinity and passes the examination of the world to enter into the dominion of God.


The world will not be created by God and not using a function. This world is sort of a college and the character is just like the ebook written by God that helps an individual in his non secular evolution by studying to take heed to message of the God from his soul. As soon as he acquires the required qualification and attains advantage, he passes the check of this world, in order to realize divinity and enter into the dominion of God.

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